Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Concert at Worksop 8th December

At the invitation of President Graham Warburton, on Saturday 8th December Gail and I drove over to Worksop for the Club's Annual Concert.  They have been organising this very sucessful conference for over thirty years.  From what we saw this year's was just as good as the previous ones had been.  It was held at The Crossing, a new church in the centre of the town and an excellent venue.

The main performers were the Markham Main Colliery Band, a local brass band who gave a spendid performance, injecting a lot of humour and fun into their most professional playing.

Also on the programme was a local lady called Pat Taylor,who has the most beautiful voice one could imagine.  She is a retired teacher who lives in Worksop.  She also sings with the North Notts Chamber Choir.  Her contribution to the evening was very much based around Christmas and as well as singing she read out a very well received poem about Santa.

This was a concert with a diference, with a lot of fun thrown in to the Festive merriment.    We had trombone playing nuns,  members of the audience laying Rudolf eggs and much much more.  On top of it all refreshments in the interval were included in the price.   What more could you ask for.

We had a tremendous time and hope that the concert was as big a financial success as it was for the audience on the night.    Thanks to President Graham and his team for organising the event.

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