Tuesday, 16 April 2013

RIBI Conference at Harrogate 12th - 14th April

Gail and I went up to Harrogate on Thursday, before Conference started on Friday.   We had a nice relaxing time and spent some valuable time just in each other's company.   I understand that there was an audience of about 1,800 Rotarians and spouses.

Conference started on Friday afternoon but I don't intend to go through every detail of it.   Suffice it to say there was a really wide mix of speakers, with inspirational ones such as Simon Weston, switched on go-getters such as Sir Tim Smit, the Founder of the Eden Project and of course a number of Rotary speakers.

The President of RIBI chaired the weekend and I thought did a very good job.

On Saturday we were present in the hall for the filming, by the BBC of the Rotary Young Citizens of the Year Awards, which was broadcast on BBC News 24.    The afternoon was taken up with the Business Meeting - the results of which should appear on the RIBI website in due course.

There were a number of social activities available - at a cost - each evening.  My particular favourite was a group of four musicians who call themselves "String Fever".  What they could do with a violin or a double bass had to be seen to be believed.    

The House of Friendship was regularly busy throughout the weekend and with almost 100 stalls it took a fair while to get round them all.

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