Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jaipur Limb Talk at Dery Daybreak 17th January

Gail had agreed to talk to Derby Daybreak today about her role as the District International Coordinator.  Unfortunately having fallen down the stairs a few days earlier and still not being mobile she had to cancel.   Being a good egg I agreed to stand in for her and give a talk to the Club about the Rotary Jaipur Limb Project (RJLP).    At such short notice, President Clark was happy to accept anyone to fill in.

I have to say that Derby Daybreak have the cheapest meals of any club in the District and I managed to pull in a full English with a coffee and still come out with change from £3.  Not bad.

RJLP is a Rotary supported organisation that provides artificial limbs for amputees in developing countries, for under £30 each.

The talk seemed to go down well and there was talk of the club possibly making a small donation at some stage in the future.

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