Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sunday lunch in Sherwood Forest 10th February

Keeping a watchful eye on the weather Gail and I travelled to South Forest Leisure Centre at Edwinstow for the lunchtime charter celebrations of the Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest.   We were accompanied by Rtn John Frankland and Julia who were excellent company on the journeys.

We were greeted at the venue by the club president, Tony Crowson and many other members of the club.   Sadly for me, Rtn Mike Herbert was not able to attend having recently suffered a fall at home.    I am sure everyone wishes him well and hopes that he is soon on the mend.

Another absentee on the day was Hon. Rtn. Harry Whitehouse of the Sherwood Forest Club who was celebrating his 89t5h birthday today.   Harry had been a founder member of the club.  Unfortunately his wife Rita was a little poorly and they come not come.   I understand that the birthday cake and a card were delivered to him later on during the day.    Happy birthday Harry.

The meal that was served was of excellent quality and in more than sufficient quantity for everyone.    After the normal speeches entertainment in the form of a vocalist was provided.

Many thanks to President Tony and the Sherwood Forest Club for their generous hospitality and for their company on the day, particularly Tony's wife Brenda who I sat next to.   By the end of the meal we found that we had friends in common (nothing to do with Rotary) we came from the same place and had many more connections.

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