Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Visioning Training 2nd February

The District Membership Service Chairman, Noel Harrison, has been working really hard since the start of the year, trying to stem the trickle of losses from clubs in the district.    One initiative that he and I agreed to implement is a system called "Club Visioning".    Essentially if a Club identified that it has some problems then we can arrange for a team of three trained Rotarians to visit the club to help it to identify and overcome these problems and put it on  the road to recovery so to speak.

The system has been used very successfully in different parts of the world, including Australia, Canada and the USA.  

Today was the day that a number of Rotarians from clubs across the District were to receive their training.  Leading the training was the RIBI Membership Chairman, (soon to be RIBI President) Peter Davy, ably assisted by Noel and by Ian Young from Hucknall.    I took part in the training, which I have to say was first class.    The system is extremely simple and it allows the club to make its own decisions as to its future.  No-one from the District tells the club what to do and that is very important.

The session lasted from 10am to 3pm and was well worth the effort.  My thanks to everyone who took part.

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