Sunday, 9 June 2013

End of Year Party for District Team and Belper/Duffield Club.

Gail and I have just returned home after a hectic day putting on a bit of a bash for all the District Officers, members of the District Team and members of my own Club, Belper and Duffield.    The afternoon drinks and tea party was our thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the year so enjoyable and hopefully successful for both of us.

Whilst only one person each year can be the District Governor, there needs to be a large and active team behind him or her.    Every member of that team this year has been enthusiastic and more than willing to play their part to the full.   I thank each and every one of them for their contribution.  

I have consciously not singled any particular person out for praise in this respect, but there is one person who has been at my side (or occasionally behind me) all the way.  That person is Gail.  I perhaps do not always thank her enough but I hope this note in some way balances things up a little.

We held the party at the home of our daughter Sarah, simply because she has a bit more space than we do.   So thanks also to her and her family for that.   Fortunately the weather has been very kind to us and most people spent the afternoon in the sunshine, with a few preferring the conservatory.

I have to say that Gail laid on a great spread and thanks to all the ladies who helped out and washed what seemed like an endless supply of dirty crockery.

Thanks to everyone who came - Gail and I thoroughly enjoyed all your company.

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  1. Was a great afternoon. Thank you David and Gail. Thanks to Sarah for allowing your home to be taken over