Sunday, 21 October 2012

Emotional Farewells to the GSE Team 19th September

Today is the last day of the visit by the Group Study Exchange Team from Nepel - tomorrow they will start their journey's back to Nepal.

The day got underway at the Museum of Brewing in Burton upon Trent where we held the de-briefing session, chaired by Terry Leivers, now back from his holidays.   Also at the meeting, as well as the team were Malcolm Murray, John Dain, Roger Summers, Peter Halliday and myself.

I have to say that the feedback from the team about the arrangements for their stay, their vocational days, their programme and particularly for their hosting arrangements was all very positive.  The team expressed their individual and collective gratitude and thanks for the way they had been generally looked after.

After the feedback session we had some light lunch of sandwiches and chips, before the team split up with their respective hots for some last minute shopping before their return to Nepal.

In the evening the team were all back together again at the Pirelli Stadium, home of Burton Albion FC, for the final night get together.  Many Rotarians and partners attended and said their final goodbyes to the team, making for some emotional goodbyes.

Each of the team was asked to give a short, impromptu talk on their reflections of the visit.    It was very clear from the way they each spoke that they had all enjoyed the relations they had forged with Rotarians and their families and that they were returning to Nepal, much rounder individuals with plans to use what they had learned for the benefit of their communities.

When asked, both at the de-brief and at the get together, what the highlights of the visit had been, the one that attracted most of their attention was a visit to a crematorium, organised by one of the host families!   Now that's something to remember for the future!

All in all I think this has been an absolutely outstanding visit and I personally will remember it for a long time to come.

I think our outgoing team next February are in for a wonderful time.

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