Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lunch at The Redbrick House, Mansfield Woodhouse

Gail and I travelled over to Mansfield Woodhouse for lunch today (Sunday, 28th October) and met up with a number of Past District Governors and their respective wives.   Also present were the widows of some past DG's, - Elizabeth Broome, June Gaunt, Jan harding and Meg Nelson who were warmly welcomed by PDG David Power.

There was a choice of menu and I opted for melon, followed by chicken - very slimming and then Treacle sponge and custard - not so slimming.

I gave everyone present an origami crane, that I had personally made to represent this year's Rotary theme of "Peace Through Service."  After the meal IPDG Gordon gave a short resume of his year in office and I was then asked to give a short presentation on the issue of Re-Districting.  I kept it nice and brief and just gave the basic facts.   After a couple of questions I was thanked by PDG David Power. 

Spent some of the evening answering emails and preparing my speech for the Charter celebration tomorrow at The Rotary Club of Beeston.

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