Sunday, 4 November 2012

International Projects Fair - Good News and Bad News

I had no particular Rotary engagements on 30th and 31st October so spent the time engaged in trying to shake off the stomach bug from which I had bbeen suffering and doing so work.    I also tried to catch up with Rotary paperwork which seems to be never ending.   I did manage to get my monthly newsletter out as well as a letter to Clubs about the re-Districting proposals.

Thursday 1st November was a big day for Gail.   She had been planning and organising the District International Project Fair and Dinner for several months and today was the day.    Unfortunatelt neither of us was feeling too well and our persistent stomach bug was not going away.   Regardless of this we carried on, did the last minute preparations and made sure we had everything ready so that the event could go off like clockwork.

Well apparently it did just that, but without either Gail or I being present.  As the day wore on the stomach problems got worse to the extent that by 6pm we were both on our last legs and realised there was no way we could stay for the dinner and fair.   So having set it all up, we drove back to Belper from Long Eaton and crawled into bed for 7pm, not getting up till almost 9am the following morning, when fortunately we we feeling much better, if not fully recovered.

The phone and email were hot with calls about the event which according to all accounts was very successful.   Gail and I were both gutted that we could not be there, but at least those individuals who stood in at the last minute did us proud.     I don't intent to name them as I am sure I would miss someone out.   BUT many thanks from myself and Gail.    Apparently there was a call for her to do it again next year.       Maybe ???

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