Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Joint Meeting - Heanor and Ilkeston 19th November

One of the quirk's of my diary this year saw me at the Charter Night of Ileston club on 17th and then doing my official visit tonight, 19th.   Tonight the venue was The Queen's Counsel on the Market Place at Ilkeston and with almost 40 members and guests present it was more or less a full house.

The Presidents of the two clubs, John Hill from Heanor and Mike Perry from Ilkeston jointly presided over the evening.   After a roast beef dinner and club notices etc I was asked to speak.   I delivered my usual talk about our theme for 2012/13, "Peace through Service" which I followed up by saying a few words to the two clubs about developing their respective membership bases for the future. 

Assistant Governor Roger Summers, also present, was asked to also say a few words which he gladly did.

The creation of two very worthy Paul Harris Fellows followed, with the honour being bestowed upon Rtn Alan Chambers and Rtn Carolyn Stone.  Alan was clearly surprised to see his three brothers joining the meeting just before the award was made and Carolyn was surprised that she was the reason for attendance by her daughter and other friends - not an award being made to anyone for services rendered at the District Conference recently.

Rtn Alan  and family with his Paul Harris Fellowship

Rtn Carolyn with her family and Lily Taylor-Ward
An excellent evening of Rotary Fellowship.  Thanks to all for making it happen.  Thanks to Rtn John Norris who was my driver for the evening.

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