Friday, 9 November 2012

District Foundation Seminar 8th November 2012

The annual District Foundation Seminar was held this evening at the Novotel in Long Eaton.    I'm not sure what the exact attendance was but there were very few spare seats so I would think there were over 120 there.

After a few words of welcome from me I handed Foundation Alumni badges to the GSE Team and the Team Leader David Hood from Wirksworth.  They will be going out to Nepal early next year.  The team members then each introduced themselves.

DGE Peter Moralee was not able to be at the Seminar as he is in Amsterdam for Governor Elect training, but his report was read out by Terry Leivers. In this report his recommended that annual giving to Foundation should be increased to £47 per year per Rotarian, bringing us closer to the RI recommended level of $100.

There followed short presentations about Ambassadorial Scholars and Peace Fellows before we moved on to the main business of the evening.  This was a presentation by Rt, Mick White from Church Wilne about the way that Foundation will operate under Future Vision, emphasising the actions that Clubs need to take in order to be able to access grants from Foundation.

As with any proposed change it provoked a lively exchange of views about the demise of GSE Teams, bureaucracy and the financing of Foundation.  Change is never easy - but sometimes it is essential for survival.

The meeting finished about 9.30pm

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