Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Five new members inducted in middle of Night !!!

Well, not quite the middle of the night but it seemed like it to me.    I rose from a lovely warm bed at just after 5am (yes, that's five o'clock in the morning !!)  and got ready for the drive to The Deincourt Hotel at Newark for a meeting with a difference of the Rotary Club of Newark at 7am.

The difference was that this was a meeting of Newark's satellite members who were being inducted this morning.   President Peter Heard presided over the proceedings.

My first and most important task when I arrived was to find the coffee.  Once I had managed that everything else was plain sailing.    We had a relaxed buffet style breakfast, after which the business of the day started.

Also at the meeting were DGN Steve Lawes, AG Sandra Morrey and the President of the RC of Newark Castle, Rtn. Glen Foreman and well as a good number of members of the Newark Club.

The five new members (all much younger than average) are Rtn Clive Richards, Rtn Helen Van Ristell, Rtn Jane Overland, Rtn Sheila Roberts and Rtn Simon Glass.  (Apologies for any spelling errors in the names but it was VERY early.)

After Rtn Andy Foreman had read out the Objects of Rotary, impressively President Peter was able to launch into the induction ceremony word for word without any written notes, a safety net or a helmet.    The five new members were warmly welcomed into the Rotary Club of Newark and I was able to briefly welcome them to the wider world of Rotary, expressing the wish that they should all enjoy their Rotary involvement.      

Rtn Jane then chaired the remainder of the meeting whilst the satellite club members discussed various projects they were already organising.   These included bag packing at a local Marks and Spencer, in aid of "Sue's Place" a charity that supports children affected by family deaths or divorce, a "Pampering Evening" in the new years with a men's hairdresser
and ladies beautician giving treatments.  The third project they spoke briefly about was a possible driving day at the showground, with buses, fire engines and other large vehicles.

I wish the new satellite club every success and would congratulate President Peter and his Club for the foresight and enthusiasm to get it off the ground.        

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