Sunday, 19 August 2012

Afternoon Garden Party

This afternoon I attended a Charity Garden Party hosted by President David Falkner on behalf of the Rotary Club of Carlton.    The weather was kind throughout the event, although a few rumbles of thunder did make us look skyward at the dark clouds looming above.

With entertainment being provided by a jazz quartet throughout the afternoon, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, but sadly touched by the overnight death of one the the Carlton Club members.    I'm not sure how many people were in attendance but there was a fairly good crowd there.

As I left the party was still in full swing with everyone enjoying the music, food and drinks on offer.   Proceeds from the event are going to local children's charities.

Rtn Derek Ringer enjoying the food on offer

President David "mingling"

View of the garden

Many thanks to President David for inviting me along.   Sorry I could not bring Gail with me, but she was at home, suffering from a suspected absess on her gum - very painful.

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