Friday, 17 August 2012

Stapleford & Sandiacre 16th August

With no Rotary activities to do on Wednesday I was looking forward to my visit to Stapleford and Sandiacre at the Novotel today.     This is one of the smallest clubs in the District with just nine members.    Shortly before attending the meeting I was given the news that this number had now gone down to eight with the sudden and unexpected departure of the Club President, due to personal reasons.

With a couple of members including the Immediate Past President and the President Elect away on holiday, the Club Secretary, Richard Taylor, took over the running of the meeting.   I have to say that the attitude of the club members towards the departure of their President was very positive and supportive of him if that was what he felt he needed to do.   The members seem determined to carry on.  We had a long informal discussion about their situation and they recognise the difficulties that they face to try and make a go of the club with the present level of membership.

I also addressed the club on the subject of "Peace through Service" and presented Richard with an origami crane.

Rtn Maureen Tinsley (winner of the wine raffle) with Reg Bee

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