Monday, 6 August 2012

Visits to Newark and Beeston 6th August

With Gail undertaking driving duties today, we set off for my visit to the Rotary Club of Newark in what we thought was plenty of time.   However after crawling along in a very slow moving line of traffic behind a tractor and trailer we arrived with just minutes to spare.  Our arrival was met with looks of relief by President Peter Heard and President Elect Bob Crowe who were getting naturally worried that I was not going to turn up.

Arriving at the same time as us was Assistant Governor Sandra Morrey from the Rotary Club of Trent Bridge - Sandra is not renowned for arriving early  !!   Sorry Sandra.

After a meal of salmon President Peter dealt efficiently with a few items of business before introducing me as the speaker for the day.    I gave my talk on "Peace through Service", the RI Theme for 2012 - 13 and present Peter with a letter from RI President Sakuji and an Origami crane.

After the talk, Pres. Elect gave a vote of thanks.    Photos were then taken to record the occasion.  Gail and I both enjoyed our visit to Newark and were pleased by the friendship of people in the club towards us.

My thanks to President Peter, President Bob Crowe and the members of the Rotary Club of Newark.   Thanks also to Gail for driving today.

DG Dave, AG Sandra and President Peter

DG Dave with President Peter and an origami crane

In the evening we were off again, this time to the Rotary Club of Beeston, who meet in the beautiful surroundings of Beeston Golf Club.   We were met by President Trevor Martin and various other members who made us feel most welcome.     After the usual club business and a very tasty chicken dinner I was invited to address the club.   I gave my talk, on "Peace through Service" and presented President Trevor with an origami crane (a symbol of hope for peace) and a letter from Sakuji Tanaka, the RI President.

A lively question and answer session followed, in which the cost of Rotary membership and our falling numbers featured heavily.

Many thanks to President Trevor and the members of the Rotary Club of Beeston for their welcome and hospitality and to Gail for once again listening to my talk and for taking the driving duties.

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