Tuesday, 5 March 2013

District Officer Preparation 4th March 2013

Another sign of how quickly the Rotary year rolls on from one to another came this evening with the second session of preparation and training for District Officers for 2013-14.   The District Training Team Chairman, John Barker opened the session introducing Peter Moralee, the DGE who chaired the remainder of the meeting.

I gave a ten minute presentation on "Club Visioning", the process that Clubs can ask for if they wish to improve any or all aspects of their club.    This was followed by DGE Peter outlining his ideas for the year ahead and starting to get his team to gel together.

The next part of the evening was taken up by feedback from the RIBI Assembly which a number of members attended recently.   One particularly important point that was raised by DGE Steve Lawes outlining how all Rotary Clubs are now subject to the Equality Act of 2012, which makes it unlawful to discriminate against any person by virtue of gender, race, ethnicity, religion etc etc.   Clubs would be well advised to make themselves aware of this piece of legislation as quickly as possible.  It is hoped to have a presentation on this subject at a District Council meeting later in this Rotary year.

The final part of the evening was a discussion as to how the District Assembly would be organised.    

Not an exciting evening, but one that is extremely valuable and vital if the District Assembly is to be a success for those Rotarians who attend and for ensuring that District Officers and members of the District Team put across a consistent message throughout the coming Rotary year.

Now looking forward to tomorrow with a visit at lunchtime to Mansfield club's Children of Courage Awards followed by Newark Castle's Charter celebrations in the evening.

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