Monday, 25 March 2013

Paul Harris Fellows Lunch 24th March

Over 140 Rotarians and guests attended the annual Paul Harris Fellows lunch at The Novotel in Long Eaton on Sunday.  Despite freezing temperatures and heavy snow they managed to make their way to the Novotel for lunch - Thanks to the Highways Department the vast majority of the major roads were clear of snow and very safe.  However my thanks to each and every one who made the effort in such conditions.

The meal at the Novotel was of a very good quality and the standard of service was also very good today.   Many of the Rotarians and guests present took advantage of the 10% Rotary discount in the bar.

The speaker for the event today was Rotarian Peter King from the Rotary Club of Kew Gardens.   Peter is the RIBI Vice President Elect and will become RIBI President in 2014-15.  This was the first time that I had heard Peter make a speech and I have to say that I was quite impressed.    He talked about the challenges facing Rotary in these islands and of the changes that needed to be made.   He did this without preaching and with a sense of humour.    His talk seemed to go down very well with the audience.

District Governor Nominee, Steve Lawes, who will be DG during the same year as Peter is RIBI President gave the vote of thanks.

Peter KIng with DGDave, DGE Peter, DGN Steve and all our wives
Overall a most entertaining and enjoyable lunch - oh and I managed to sell (sorry - donate) £20 worth of pin-on crocuses to unsuspecting Rotarians who turned up not wearing one.

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