Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bakewell's Charter celebrations at Hassop Hall.

In the spendour of Hassop Hall, the Rotray Club of Bakewell held their 36th Charter celebrations.  Unfortunately the weather was quite cold so the opportunity for canapes on the lawns did not arise.    Graham Wright and his wife Elizabeth acted as our chauffeur  this evening and we arrived in plenty of time.

On arrival we were greeted by President Richard Carter who was an absolutely splendid host, looking after our every need.   His wife Sue was equally gracious and Gail and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the top table guests throughout the evening.   As he opened the meeting President Richard explained that all the cloth napkins had been folded into the shape of an origami crane to remind everyone present of the theme for this year, "Peace through Service".

The speaker for the evening was a solicitor called Dave Daycock, who was witty and gritty, relating many funny stories, mainly about his time in charge of the legal department at Cardiff local authority.  Dave has written a book of his exploits, entitled, "Gone for a Burton."

At the end of the evening Richard presented Gail and Sue with beautiful bouquets before closing proceedings just before 11pm.

It was also great this evening to have a strong contingent from my own club in attendance.  As well as Graham and Elizabeth there was also Rtn David Henson and his wife, also Elizabeth, Rtn Paul Taylor and his wife Hazel.   (Paul has arranged all my transport to Charters and official Club visits throughout my year as DG for which I am really grateful.)

Many thanks to President Richard and to all at Bakewell for a memorable Charter.

Napkin folded into shape as an origami crane

President Richard

Assistant Governor John Shipman explaining all the mundane details to IPDG Gordon !!

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