Monday, 13 May 2013

Friendship Exchange Team from Canada 12th May

The District has been hosting a Friendship Exchange Team from Canada for the last week or so.  They have been staying with members of Drone Valley / Hope Valley and Retford.    This evening they were having a barbecue at the home of Jane and Keith Jones.    Unfortunately the weather was pretty English with very cold temperatures and rain.   However, that did not stop the barbecue from taking place and in true English style, wrapped up against the elements it went ahead.

Gail and I joined them for the evening and enjoyed the friendship of the whole group.   It was interesting to hear how the Canadians, who normally withstand -40 degree temperatures in their winters were really feeling the cold.

At the end of the evening banners and gifts were presented.   I presented a District 1220 banner for handing on to The District Governor, Kevin Hilgers.  I received a banner and small gift in return.

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