Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bowls at Burton Joyce & RIBI President arrives

With no Rotary activities requiring my attendance I spent the day at home  doing "normal" things.    Sunday was a little different.       Today was the day for the annual District Bowls Tournament being held at the Burton Joyce Bowls Club.   I went along, not to play, but to give my support to the dozen teams that had entered.
On a really sunny, hot day, play was already well underway when I arrived about 11am and the first round continued till lunch when I had to leave in order to meet John Minhinick, the RIBI President and his wife Sheila, who were due to arrive later in the afternoon for a three day visit to the District.  There were clearly major differences in ability on display, but the one thing that stood out was the enjoyment everyone was having and the fellowship that was being enjoyed.
Many thanks go to Mike Storr, Rotary Club of Carlton who had organised the event.     I will report the result as soon as I know it.
John and Sheila arrived at our house about 5pm after a journey from Maidstone in Kent where they had been attending another Rotary event over the weekend.    Unfortunately for them they arrived more or less at the same time as our two youngest grandchildren who we were babysitting for an hour or so whilst mum and dad were out house hunting.    Chaotic doesn't describe it!!

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