Tuesday, 25 September 2012

District Council Meeting 24th September

This evening's meeting of the District Council, the first of this Rotary year was well attended with the large room at the Novotel fairly full.   In an attempt to give the meeting a less formal atmosphere I had done away with the long top table of District Officers.  Those individuals instaed sat with their clubs or friends in the main body of the hall.

During the usual business session of the Council, as well as reports from District Officers, the Assistant Governors reported on the activities of the clubs in their groups.  David Pedlar, the District Conference Director gave a short presentation outlining our concerens about the low numbers attending the Conference.

We then had presentations from Martin Beaumont of Drofield about the Fishtail Project, John Cavey from Derby about the experiences at the Kedleston Showcase, Noel Harrison of Sherwood Sunrisers about the Nottingham Showcase and finally from Ian Holliday about the forthcoming RI Convention in Lisbon.

The District Sergeant at Arms, Owen J Briggs, kept order and the meeting ended a few minutes late, just before 9.15pm.   All attendees were asked to complete a feedback form, the results from which we shall use to decide the format and contents etc of future meetings.

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