Thursday, 6 September 2012

Carvery, cranes and conference 6th September

No blog yesterday readers, so apologies for that.  It was a fairly quiet day, with just a District Executive meeting in the evening.

Today has been a bit busier.   At 10am I met up with David Pedlar (Wollaton Park) at Derby University where we met with two members of staff to discuss the Rotary Business Initiative that the District is working on at present.    We spoke with Asia Alder their voluntary sector organiser and Peter Walker their Community Relations Officer.     We had a very fruitful discussion and came away with very positive vibes.

We shall be following it up at a later date with some firm proposals.    One positive result already was the offer of a stand at their Volunteering Fair in November - free of charge.

By 6pm I was on the road again, this time accompanied by Nick Blurton (Belper and Duffield) to the Rotary Club of Warsop, Shirebrook and District for my official visit.   This is a fair sized club with 36 members.  21 of them were present for this meeting.

They meet at the Hostess Restaurant at Sookholme, near Warsop and enjoy a very tasty carvery meal.   (The pie was delicious)    It is a very friendly club and Nick and I received a very warm welcome.

After the meal I talked to the club about the theme for 2012/13, "Peace Through Service" and about the relevance of the origami crane to that theme.    I presented President Roger Wright with a letter from the RI President and an origami crane as a reminder of the theme.

At the conclusion of my talk and at the earlier request of the President I talked about the District Conference.   Warsop, Shirebrook & District traditionally have a high proportion of their members attending the District Conference.   However they had decided that this year, for various very sound reasons they were not attending.

I explained how the Conference committee had decided to examine in detail every aspect of the conference and where we felt there was a need for change we had changed it.  I outlined a number of these changes.

Following my presentation we had a really useful, fruitful discussion about aspects of the conference, including the content, the registration cost, the cost of hotels and the venue.  I found the exchange stimulating and thought provoking and will take back many of these issues for further consideration in respect of future conferences.

My thanks to all at the Club for the warmth of their welcome, the full and frank exchange of views - and for the meat pie.

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