Sunday, 23 September 2012

West Bridgford Club - out in the community

On Saturday, members of the Rotary Club ofd West Bridgford were out at the Farmers Market in the town, publicising Roatary and in particular their club.   They had a stall - well actually they had the trailer made by Andy Voce from the Bingham Club, which looked really professional.  They were giving little "giveaways" to the children and talking to the parents.

They had a most professional looking A5 leaflet about the club which they pressed into the hands of anyone who would accept one.  Aquabox was also on the stall attractying some attention.

I went over about 11am to find them in full swing and several people chatting with the Rotarians who were on the stall at the time.

A colourful stall attracting the attention of the public
Well done West Bridgford.  Great to see you out there selling Rotary.

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