Sunday, 15 July 2012

Off to Alcester 13th July

After catching up on emails and general paperwork all morning, at about lunchtime Gail and I set off for the RIBI headquarters in Alcester, Wawickshire ready for the first General Council meeting of the year, scheduled for tomorrow. 

All the District Governors are expected to attend and with one or two exceptions everyone was there.   On this occasion we had arranged to have a meal together at the hotel tonight giving us all a chance to catch up and compare notes.   It was great to see all the people that we had last met at the RIBI Assembly in Birmingham and before that in San Diego.

Unfortunately I had been suffering with an upset stomach for a couple of days and it wasn't getting any better, resulting in me taking myself off to bed half way through the meal and leaving Gail with some friends.   So sorry no photos.

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