Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Visits to Bulwell & Basford and Sherwood Forest 18th July

Today turned out to be one of the busiest but most enjoyable days that I have had so far as District Governor.   The day started with a drive over to the Westminster Hotel in Nottingham for a meeting of the District Training Team, where the main item on the agenda was how to introduce "Social Media" into the District.    It is now common knowledge that social media is the communications tool of younger generations and if we want to interact with them then we must be able to talk to them using their language.

The Training Team consists of myself, John Barker (Newark Castle) David Pedlar (Wollaton Park) Noel Harrison (Sherwood Sunrisers) Peter Moralee (Bretby) and Steve Lawes (Vale of Belvoir).   After considerable debate and discussion we agreed that we would use ourselves as a pilot scheme for a closed group before trying it on a larger group, such as the whole District Team.   Hopefully we shall see some results within a couple of months.

The team (minus me) getting down to business

The Training Team meeting was still in full flow when I had to make my excuses and leave, so that I could quickly change and make an appearance down the corridor for the meeting of The Rotary Club of Bulwell and Basford.   President David Smith, must have seen how much in need of sustenance I was, plying me straight away with a (non-alcoholic) drink, followed in due course by a very non-slimming salad, followed by black cherries and ice cream.  It was great to see Rtns Terry Leivers and Bill Smith there.

Following the meal I gave my presentation to the club and this was followed by questions, one concerning my views on the membership debate and the second asking me how I pulled in all the visits and other events that I am required to attend as the DG.   The first was easier to answer than the second.

My thanks go to President David and all the members of Bulwell and Basford for their hospitality, welcome and friendship and for the positive way they received my talk.

Having concluded my Rotary business at Nottingham  I drove over to Derby to try and catch up on some paid work for the afternoon, before driving to my youngest daughter's house at Burton where I managed to sit down for ten minutes, before heading off to The Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest with my wife Gail at the wheel.   With the assistance of the sat-nav we managed to find our way to South Forest leisure with no trouble at all ready for the 7.30pm start.

President Tony made Gail and I very welcome and we also met up with old friends Mike and Stella Herbert and Rtn Laura Harmer, who you may well recall was Group Study Exchange Student a couple of years ago.   She joined as a full Rotarian early this year and is now Vice President.  After a tasty and filling carvery and ice cream for pud, I again delivered my talk to the club, about "Peace Through Service".    I also urged members of the club to think about coming to the Conference in Southport and hopefully this will have increased the numbers by an extra one or two.

From l to r: me, Pres. Elect Mary, Vice Pres Paula & Pres Tony
President Tony pointing out the Theme

After thanking me for my talk, President Tony said that he had a surprise and Stella produced a beautiful bouquet of flowers which she presented to Gail as a belated gift for her birthday on Monday this week.  (It's amazing what people can find out about you on Facebook)  Our sincere thanks to President Tony for the bouquet, for his company and to all the members of this fairly small club that seems to be punching well above its weight.  The range of their projects, activities and achievements is inspirational.   My thanks also to chauffeur Gail.

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